Why You Should Seek Help From Pilonial Surgeons


Pilonidal treatment center of NJ.

Why You Should Seek Help From Pilonial Surgeons

The pilonidal surgeon is a general surgeon with extensive experience treating pilonidal disease. Because of this experience, the pilonidal surgeon gains unique skills in treating the disease.

Primarily, this skill set includes curative surgical removal. The so-called cleft-lift procedure is a highly successful such operation. With it, wounds heal fast. Pilonidal disease rarely returns. The cleft-lift is only performed in high volume by pilonidal surgeons. The operation can be used on pilonidal patients who have never undergone surgery in the area. Most exciting, it is equally effective in treating patients who have failed previous excision attempts. Morbid life-altering wounds can be reliably closed by only pilonidal surgeons.

Secondly, the skill set of the pilonidal surgeon includes medical treatment of pilonidal disease. For example, the choice of oral antibiotic therapy is best made by the pilonidal surgeon. This is important for the patient with an acute pilonidal abscess. The pilonidal surgeon may have specialized topical ointments in those patients trying to avoid surgery. These ointments are generally not available in your pharmacy. Lifestyle habits, such as sitting and activity, are best modified by the pilonidal surgeon.

Finally, the skill set includes a unique understanding of the social impact of pilonidal disease. Pilonidal disease, and nonhealing pilonidal cystectomy wounds can affect young and otherwise healthy patients in profound ways. It is only the dedicated pilonidal surgeon who understands this, and builds it into treatment and care.

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