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Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey (PTCNJ) is the only center in the state dedicated to the treatment and cure of pilonidal disease.

Pilonidal disease is a painful infectious disorder that affects young, otherwise healthy individuals in their most productive years. Successful treatment has eluded the most dedicated practitioners for decades and even centuries. It is so important today to receive care in a specialty center focusing on the disease. Every pilonidal patient presents in a slightly different way, and an individualized tailored plan is a mandatory component of sound treatment.



Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey offers a four key treatments to alleviate the pain of pilonidal disease. Learn more about how we can help you leave your pain behind.


Antibiotic Management

Eradication of the associated bacterial infection is an essential component of sound pilonidal treatment.

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Emergency Surgical Drainage

An urgent incision and drainage procedure is required when an acute pilonidal abscess has developed.

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Surgical Removal

Chronic or recurrent pilonidal disease requires pilonidal cyst removal. Pilonidal cystectomy is available at PTCNJ.

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Laser Ablation

In select cases, a laser ablation technique is used to primarily eradicate pilonidal disease.

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