Antibiotic Management

Eradication of the associated bacterial infection is an essential component of sound pilonidal treatment.

Superimposed bacterial infection always plays a role in the pilonidal disease process. One or more bacterial species are found in high concentration within the pus of an abscess, or along the inner lining of a sinus tract. In severe acute cases, a microbe may course through the bloodstream and cause “sepsis”, a dangerous systemic condition affecting multiple organ systems. In more chronic scenarios, such as a nonhealing pilonidal cystectomy wound from an outside surgeon, resistant bugs may prevent healing.

Accordingly, appropriate antibiotic therapy is an integral part of a sound pilonidal treatment plan. This may come in the form of a single intravenous dose prior to an excisional procedure. Alternately, it may be in the form of a longer oral regimen, specifically tailored to attack the bacteria of an acute pilonidal abscess. Still in other cases, it may be a topical ointment compounded in our specialty pharmacy. In all cases, antibiotic management at PTCNJ uniquely draws from our own high-volume wound culture data. This is yet another benefit of receiving care at a dedicated center such as ours.


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