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Pilonidal disease takes place when the soft tissue overlays the tailbone and it eventually gets infected. The pilonidal soreness then stirs up pain and possibly a fever. This condition is typically caused by deeply-rooted masses of hair that can be found right in the center of the bone and skin. The ailment only starts growing when there is a bacterial infection. If you know of any patient suffering from this painful disease, contact our medical professionals at PTCNJ to learn a suitable treatment plan.

About Hudson County

Hudson County is located within the New Jersey state in the United States. It lies towards the west region of the lower Hudson River that got its name after Henry Hudson who explored the district in the year 1609 as a sea captain. Jersey City is the county’s seat which is also its largest city.

Antibiotic Management Services in Hudson County

Patients who have infections require a specific recovery plan that can help eliminate the bacteria found within the infected area. Superimposed bacterial infection contributes toward the development of pilonidal disease and more critical cases can experience the transmission of bacteria through the bloodstream which will result in a “sepsis” that can harm multiple organs. Thus, a suitable antibiotic therapy from PTCNJ is necessary to further facilitate a sound treatment plan.

Emergency Surgical Drainage Services in Hudson County

The pain that sufferers with pilonidal abscess experience is usually intense until the extent of it interfering with the person’s sitting position. This situation can in turn have an adverse impact onto his/her work or school performance. In more severe cases, symptoms like fevers, chills, or other flu-like symptoms can be experienced. Hence, an emergency incision and drainage procedures need to be implemented whenever there is abscess.

Surgical Removal in Hudson County

Patients with two or more abscesses, a surgical removal technique is necessary to get rid of the pilonidal cystectomy in its entirety. This step is done within an ambulatory care setting under an anesthesia. Subsequently, the wound is closed one layer at a time before slightly draining it.

Cleft-lift Procedures in Hudson County

A cleft-lift procedure is designed to tackle pilonidal disease that needs perioperative management on top of a surgical technique. The cleft-lift method is known to be beneficial for patients who suffer from pilonidal disease within the environments of both main and salvage processes. It has shown positive results so far for both instances and it results in a closed wound which will not inflict much discomfort while being easy to take care of.

Laser Ablation Services in Hudson County

Whenever a patient suffers from a more focal sinus tract, using probe-delivered laser energy is suitable as part of the main curative modality. This technique is generally carried out within an ambulatory care setting with the aid of intravenous sedation. For some well-focused scenarios, this method is also used in supplementary of formal pilonidal cystectomy. It does contribute toward reducing the recurrence of the disease after a surgical excision.

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Receiving immediate proper care from a specialty center that specializes on pilonidal disease is highly critical. PTCNJ is the only center in New Jersey that specializes in the treatment and cure of pilonidal disease which can affect anyone regardless of age or health. Do not hesitate anymore and get recovery plan specially tailored for you today by our team of trusted medical practitioners.

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