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Pilonidal disease refers to the infection of soft tissue over the tailbone. The pilonidal bump eventually causes discomfort which may lead to a fever for more severe cases. This disease is usually caused by deeply rooted groups of hair that made their way up the middle of the bone and skin. This ailment then continues to develop when bacteria gets involved. If you or any of your family members and friends is experiencing pain caused by this disease, consult with our medical professionals at PTCNJ for a suitable treatment plan.

About Essex County

Essex County is located within the northeastern region of New Jersey with a population of approximately 798,975 as of the year 2019. This figure has the county ranked the third as most populated county with the number seeing an increase since almost a decade ago in 2010.

Antibiotic Management Services in Essex County

Anyone who is going through a lot of pain due to an infection ought to obtain a recovery plan put in place in order to help eradicate the bacteria within the region of pain. Bacterial infection that is superimposed helps make it easier for pilonidal disease to develop further and in the most serious of cases, patients are open to risks of the bacteria flowing through their bloodstream. This situation may cause a “sepsis” that contributes toward multi-organ malfunction. Hence, proper antibiotic therapy from PTCNJ is critical to help implement an appropriate treatment plan immediately.

Emergency Surgical Drainage Services in Essex County

Pilonidal abscess usually causes a lot of pain which may affect a person’s sitting position. Failing to sit down properly, a person’s work or school performance is bound to deteriorate. In severe cases, we have also seen patients suffering from fevers, chills, and other flu-like symptoms. Thus, it becomes essential for an emergency incision and drainage technique to be performed right away.

Surgical Removal in Essex County

When there is more than one abscess, a surgical removal technique is usually recommended to get rid of the pilonidal cystectomy altogether. This procedure can be done under an ambulatory care environment with an anesthesia. Subsequently, the wound gets closed one layer at a time before being slightly drained.

Cleft-Lift Procedures in Essex County

A cleft-lift procedure becomes critical when pilonidal disease needs supplementary perioperative management before a surgical procedure. The cleft-lift method has proven to be beneficial to sufferers of pilonidal disease which happens during main and salvage stages. The cleft-lift procedure has a high success rate while not causing severe discomfort and can be nursed easily.

Laser Ablation Services in Essex County

With a more focal sinus tract, a probe-delivered laser energy is necessary. This procedure can take place in an ambulatory care environment under intravenous sedation. Past well-focused cases have made full use of this procedure apart from formal pilonidal cystectomy. This procedure is also great at reducing the risks of disease recurrence after going through a surgical excision.

Why Should You Work with Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey?

Being the only center located in New Jersey which specializes in treating and curing pilonidal disease, our team of medical experts can attend to your case with an immediate treatment and recovery plan that is highly effective and has shown great results. It can affect just about anyone, thus reach out to our medical professionals today to learn of a suitable recovery plan for you or your loved one.

If you or your loved one is suffering from pilonidal disease in Essex County, get in touch with our professionals at PTCNJ today. You can call us at 862.267.0388 or fill out this online form.

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