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Not many people know what pilonidal disease is and how serious it can get. Essentially, it refers to a long-term skin infection that attacks the skin above the buttocks and close in proximity to the tailbone (coccyx). It is a common disease that affects almost a 100,000 people in the United States every year. Note that pilonidal disease is more common in males than female. The most common age to get this disease is between puberty and the age of 40. It also more commonly found in people who have very coarse body hair and are overweight. The disease can cause pain and fever if it is not taken care of properly. If you suspect that you have pilonidal disease, you should book a consultation with the medical experts here at Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey.

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Antibiotic Management Services in Westwood

Just like any other disease, it is crucial to have a proper and comprehensive recovery plan so that the patient does not need to suffer. Pilonidal can progress into a more aggressive form if there is a bacterial infection. When this happens, patients are at risk of sepsis. This occurs when the bacteria seeps into the blood, causing the body organs to fail. As such, having good antibiotic treatment from PTCNJ will help to stop bacterial infections in their tracks and save the patients.

Emergency Surgical Drainage Services in Westwood

In the case of a pilonidal sinus or PNS, the hole in the skin might become filled with pus. This can lead to a pilonidal abscess that can be extremely painful when sit. It often forms in the cleft of the buttocks and can seriously affect a patient’s everyday life. Emergency surgical drainage procedures can ensure that the fluid in the abscess gets drained.

Surgical Removal in Westwood

In the case where there are multiple abscesses, it is wise to opt for a surgical removal. This can help to remove the pilonidal cysts in a short amount of time. The surgery usually only lasts up to an hour. After the surgery, your loved one can help you to remove the drain at home. There is also a quick turnover period. In fact, you can return to your mild daily activities the day after the operation.

Cleft-Lift Procedures in Westwood

The cleft-lift procedure here at PTCNJ can be performed once the patient is put under general anesthesia. The whole operation lasts up to 1.5 hours and the wound is typically closed in 4 layers of sutures above a drain. Patients will be advised to stay and rest at home for 48 hours after the procedure.

Laser Ablation Services in Westwood

Other than pilonidal cystectomy, laser ablation procedures can help to greatly reduce the risks of pilonidal disease recurrence. Case studies have shown that this procedure allows for less post-surgical pain and more impressive cosmetic results.

Why Should You Work with Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey?

It is a good idea to work with us here at PTCNJ because we are the only medical center in Westwood, New Jersey that specializes in pilonidal disease treatment and care. Rest assured that our team of dedicated professionals will pay full attention to your case and respond with well-thought-out treatment and recovery plans.

If you or your loved one is suffering from pilonidal disease in Westwood, get in touch with our professionals at PTCNJ today. You can call us at 862.267.0388 or fill out this online form.