Summit, NJ

Many people in the United States struggle with pilonidal disease. Often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, many Americans have to live with the discomfort that comes with this condition. This situation is made worse by the fact that the condition often reoccurs, especially if not treated properly. The good news is that at Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey, you can get permanent relief from pilonidal disease. We are the only facility in the state that specializes in the treatment of this condition. This means that we have accumulated enough experience and expertise to ensure that pilonidal disease discomfort is a thing of the past for you. Get in touch with us today.

About Summit, NJ

The city of Summit is located in the county of Union, NJ. The city is home to approximately 22,000 people and lies adjacent to the Raritan Valley. The city was originally a township that was incorporated in the 18th century. About half a century later, Summit was re-designated into a city.

Antibiotic Management Services in Summit, NJ

Bacterial infection is a common problem among patients who suffer from pilonidal disease. If not managed properly, bacterial infection can lead to other serious medical problems. At PTCNJ, we carefully analyze the bacterial strains that are present in the pus. We then ensure that the anti-biotics therapy that we use is specifically targeted that those bacterial strains.

Emergency Surgical Drainage Services in Summit, NJ

Pain and other discomforts when suffering from pilonidal disease can significantly affect your quality of life. Standing up or sitting down can be very painful, meaning that work or education is compromised. At PTCNJ, we can help ease the discomfort through emergency surgical drainage of the affected area. Once the pus is drained, we can then discuss other approaches that we can use to remove the abscess and give you a permanent solution.

Surgical Removal in Summit, NJ

At PTCNJ, we can surgically remove an abscess that you have, ensuring a permanent solution to your pain and discomfort. Any pus that is removed from the wound is sent to the laboratory so that our experts can understand the kind of bacteria that has infected the wound. We then clean and close the wound.

Cleft-Lift Procedures in Summit, NJ

For patients who may want an alternative to the surgical removal of pilonidal abscesses, cleft-lift procedures might be the answer. This procedure is less intrusive than the surgical procedure thus presents faster healing. Cleft-lift procedures also have a higher success rate when it comes to reducing repeat infections. Surgery typically takes about 90 minutes and the patient can have the drain removed at home after a few days if they prefer this option.

Laser Ablation Services in Summit, NJ

Laser ablation is the use of laser energy to remove an abscess. Using laser ablation eliminates the need for intrusive surgery. After cleaning the wound and removing any trapped hairs, our experts will insert a small laser probe which generates an immense amount of laser light. This has the effect of closing the wound and eliminates the risk of an abscess reoccurring.  

Why Should You Work with Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey?

At PTCNJ, we are focused on ensuring that you get the best service possible. Our facility has the latest in diagnostic equipment meaning that we can easily get to the root of your pilonidal diseases and give you immediate relief. The fact that we only concentrate on pilonidal disease treatment and management means that you are in the best hands as far as the condition is concerned.

If you or your loved one is suffering from pilonidal disease in Summit NJ, get in touch with our professionals at PTCNJ today. You can call us at 862.267.0388 or fill out this online form.