What causes pilonidal disease? Studies have shown that this disease occurs at the area above the buttocks and near the tailbone. It is a chronic bacterial skin infection that can lead to fevers, flu-like symptoms and sepsis if left untreated. Typically, it is caused by the hairs near the cleft of your buttocks when they aggravate and traumatize the skin. Pilonidal disease is the most common amongst men, from puberty to the age of 40. There is also a higher risk of getting it if patients are overweight and have thick body hair. At PTCNJ, we offer the best pilonidal treatment and care services in the country.

About Princeton

Princeton is a municipality that can be found in Mercer County, New Jersey, in the United States. It is unique because its government is in a borough form. The municipality was founded prior to the American Revolutionary War. It boasts the famous Princeton University, making it a college town.

Antibiotic Management Services in Princeton

If you live in Princeton and are suffering from the pain of pilonidal disease, our competent team can help you. When it comes to bacterial infections, one of the most effective cures is to use antibiotic treatment. This is a non-invasive treatment that can fight the dangerous bacteria which might cause sepsis if it enters the bloodstream. Antibiotic therapy prevents sepsis, which can cause organ failure, from happening. Coupled with a good treatment plan, the chances of you beating this disease are high.

Emergency Surgical Drainage Services in Princeton

Pilonidal disease can cause abscesses that are literally a huge pain. They can affect the way we live, from our ability to work and go to school, to sitting normally. In the worst scenarios, patients can get high fevers and other serious flu-like symptoms. Emergency drainage will help to remove the abscess and let the patient start to heal.

Surgical Removal in Princeton

Multiple abscesses can be a huge problem to deal with. In these cases, patients are usually recommended to go for surgical removal of the cysts. This process, also known as the pilonidal cystectomy, is done under ambulatory care and general anesthesia. Following the anesthesia and the removal of the pus, the wound is closed with several layers of sutures and drained thoroughy to facilitate healing.

Cleft-Lift Procedures in Princeton

A cleft-lift procedure is so effective because it transfers the sutured wound to an area where the environment is more conducive for healing and recovery. This method has been shown to be extremely effective because it causes only minimal discomfort and post-surgery care is relatively easy.

Laser Ablation Services in Princeton

Laser ablation involves using a laser beam to fix a sinus tract. It is also conducted in our ambulatory care center and administered with anesthesia. Research has shown that this procedure has helped to reduce the risk of pilonidal disease recurrence when done in conjunction with a cystectomy.

Why Should You Work with Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey?

Suffering from pilonidal disease can be an unsettling and painful experience which no one should have to go through. PTCNJ is a place where pilonidal patients can come and get the proper treatment and care. It is also the only place in the state which specializes in the treating of such a disease. Our team is made up of passionate and highly experienced medical practitioners who are sure to give you the best medical service available in the country.

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