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Pilonidal disease occurs when the soft tissue grows over the tailbone and eventually getting it infected. The pilonidal inflammation then inflicts pain and, in some cases, causes a fever. This illness is most often than not, a result of deeply rooted clumps of hair that found their way right into the middle of the bone and skin. The disease only eventually grows when bacteria infects the surrounding region. If you or your friends or family is experiencing pain from the onset of this ailment, contact our medical professionals at PTCNJ for our team to derive with suitable treatment.

About Hunterdon County

Hunterdon County is located within the western district of New Jersey in the United States. It had a population of approximately 124,371 as per records in the year 2019 which make the county the 18th-highest populated county even though the figure was a decline from the previous decade.

Antibiotic Management Services in Hunterdon County

Those who are suffering from infections need to have a recovery plan set up for them to assist with efforts of removing the bacteria that has settled at the infected area. Bacterial infection that is overlaid adds on toward the progress of pilonidal disease and in grave situations, patients risk having the bacteria travelling through the bloodstream. This can then lead to a “sepsis” which may cause multi-organ malfunction. In such a case, proper antibiotic therapy from PTCNJ can help to draw up a fit treatment plan.

Emergency Surgical Drainage Services in Hunterdon County

Patients with pilonidal abscess most often than not experience extreme pain which may eventually affect their sitting position. This may then lead to poor performance in the patient’s work or school routine. For critical cases, onsets of fevers, chills, or other flu-like symptoms may also be experienced. This in turn requires emergency incision and drainage processes whenever abscess is concerned.

Surgical Removal in Hunterdon County

For patients who have had more than once abscess, typically a surgical removal technique is required to eliminate the pilonidal cystectomy entirely. This step can be performed within an ambulatory care setting with the aid of an anesthesia. Following that, the wound gets closed using the layering method before the wound is slightly drained.

Cleft-lift Procedures in Hunterdon County

A cleft-lift procedure is important in addressing pilonidal disease which works alongside perioperative management as well as a surgical procedure. The cleft-lift technique is known to benefit patients with pilonidal disease that occurs during main and salvage processes. The cleft-lift technique has proven to be successful and it does not cause intense discomfort and is easy to nurse.

Laser Ablation Services in Hunterdon County

When a more focal sinus tract is detected, a probe-delivered laser energy is the most suitable option. This procedure can take place under an ambulatory care setting with intravenous sedation. Several well-focused cases also utilize this technique in addition to formal pilonidal cystectomy. It also helps to lessen the chances of disease recurrence following a surgical excision.

Why Should You Work with Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey?

It is critical to obtain immediate proper care from a specialty center that concentrates on pilonidal disease. PTCNJ is the only center located in New Jersey that has a specialty in treating and curing pilonidal disease. It can affect just about anyone, thus reach out to our medical professionals today to learn of a suitable recovery plan for you or your loved one.

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