Pilonidal disease is a chronic skin condition that involves an infection in the crease of the buttocks near the tailbone. People with pilonidal disease have one or more pilonidal cysts in the area that are prone to inflammation and infection. The soreness from the cysts can cause pain and fever. If you or your loved ones are suffering from this painful skin condition, medical professionals at the Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey will help to alleviate the symptoms of pilonidal disease with our treatment plans.

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Hackensack is a city that is located in Bergen County, New Jersey. There is a population of over 44,000 people in Hackensack. As one of the most diverse places in New Jersey, there are a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities in this city. Some points of interest in Hackensack include Johnson Free Public Library and The New Jersey Naval Museum.

Antibiotic Management Services in Hackensack

A bacterial infection in the skin requires patients to go through a specific treatment plan to get rid of the bacteria so that the infected area can start to heal. For patients with pilonidal disease, there could be more than one bacterial species in the pus of an abscess. In serious cases, the bacteria may get into the bloodstream and result in sepsis, which is a life-threatening illness that can harm multiple organs of the body. At PTCNJ, we tailor our antibiotic treatment plans according to the specific bacteria involved in the patient’s condition.

Emergency Surgical Drainage Services in Hackensack

When an abscess develops due to pilonidal disease, an incision and drainage procedure is necessary. PTCNJ can perform this procedure either in our Center with local anesthesia or in an operative suite with mild intravenous sedation. The setting will be selected according to the size of the abscess and the patient’s preference.

Surgical Removal in Hackensack

For patients who suffer from two or more abscesses, it is necessary to use a surgical removal procedure to completely remove the pilonidal cystectomy. This procedure is done with an anesthesia within an ambulatory care setting. The wound is then sealed up layer by layer before draining it.

Cleft-lift Procedures in Hackensack

A cleft-lift procedure is used when the patient’s pilonidal condition requires perioperative management in addition to a surgical technique. At PTCNJ, we perform the cleft-lift procedure in our ambulatory care center and the patient will receive general anesthesia. Complete healing of the operative site can be seen in 3 to 6 weeks.

Laser Ablation Services in Hackensack

Laser ablation is suitable for patients who are afflicted with a more focal sinus tract. A probe-delivered laser energy will be used in this procedure. Laser ablation has been found to be an effective method of reducing the risk of pilonidal disease reoccurrence after having a surgical excision.

Why Should You Work with Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey?

Pilonidal disease can become life-threatening if you leave it unaddressed, thus it is important to have immediate care from a pilonidal disease specialty center. PTCNJ is the only center in New Jersey that specializes in treating pilonidal disease. Don’t hesitate to get your tailored treatment by our trusted medical practitioners.

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